A chat with Amazon

You are now connected to XXX from Amazon.com.

Me:Mr/Ms. service representative,

My kindle has lines on the screen.

It happened already with my previous kindle, and the device was substituted, in october 2011 (outstanding service, by the way).

But, before sending me a replacement consider the following:

Last time, I had to resend the broken Kindle, that costed me 55 € (custom declaration is expecially espensive). I got a refund that now sit on my US. account (75$). I planned to use it for my next kindle purchase, but now is mandatory to buy from the italian amazon.it. So I have 75$ that I cannot use (I cannot buy ebooks from american store either).

I think it’s wasteful that I spend almost the sum that is needed for a new kindle sending you a broken device and then having a refund that I could hardly use.

So, what could we do?

Best regard


XXX:Hi, Massimo,

‘I’m XXX from Kindle Specialist team. I’ll be happy to assist with your issue.

Me:hi. I outlined the situation above

XXX:I’m checking this for you.


XXX:I’ve checked and see that there isn’t an option to change refund to your credit card.

I’m really sorry about this inconvenience.

Me:thank you for trying

XXX:You are welcome. I checked all the options, Massimo. But I’m unable to help you with refunding the amount back to your credit card.

Me:ok, what about my new (broken) kindle?

XXX:Is the kindle you referring to be broken is Massimo’s 2nd Kindle?


2nd broken Kindle :(

XXX:I’m really sorry, Massimo. I can help you again with replacement.


I hope I don’t have to resend a broken kinde back

I swear I will destroy it. I could even film me doing and send you video

XXX:I’m sorry, Massimo. We need the Kindle back to us. If we are not receiving the Kindle back the replacement order will be charged.

Me:We cannot fight mindless procedures, I see.

XXX:I’m sorry, Massimo. If we don’t receive the defective Kindle back to us you replacement Kindle will be charged.

Since our system is automated, we are unable to make changes in this.

Me:Of course I know, I discussed this already a year ago. I hoped you would find a loophole

Let’s go ahead. You will send me a replacement? The same model?

XXX:Yes, Massimo.

Please confirm the shipping address:

Massimo Morelli

Via ______________

Bologna, BO, ___,


Me:I confirm it

XXX:Please provide me the last 4 digits of your credit card and billing address.

Me:The billing address is the same of shipping address

last four digits are ____

Me: XXX, maybe you could help me more.

Last time I resended the kinde with the package of the replacement one. The personnel in your receiving facility, interpreted my shipment as a return, and refunded me for the fully value of the kindle. I had to contact support to sort this error.

There is a way I could prevent that this error happen again?

XXX:Please be on hold while I check this for you.


XXX:To overcome that error, you make sure to return the Kindle to us using the return mailing label, which we are sending to you.


So I will have a prepaid return or I have to clear custom as the last time?

XXX:We will be sending the prepaid return label for returning via UPS. If you are going to send via UPS, it will be free return without charge.

If you are going to use any carrier, you need to pay for it.

Me:Very good. I see your procedures are improving with time. :)

XXX:Thank You! I’m going to forward your request to the appropriate department for replacing the Device. They will get back to you within 4 hours with the replacement details.

Me:Via email?


Me:Good. Thank you XXX. You have been most helpful

XXX:You are welcome. It’s my pleasure helping you.

I’m glad that I was able to help you.

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

Me:No thank you.