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lunedì 10 novembre 2003

Stamattina mi è andato di traverso il latte, leggendo sul vecchio numero dell'Economist (lo leggo in ritardo di una settimana abbondante grazie alle nostre amate poste) che l'ambasciatore inglese in Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, è tornato in inghilterra per motivi di salute (motivo ufficiale) oppure perché gli americani si sono arrabbiati perché a Murray era scappato detto che in questo tempio della democrazia avessero bollito un paio di oppositori. Bollito.

BELIEVE one side of the story, and Britain's ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, is something of a martyr, brought home ignominiously for his blunt and brave criticism of the torture, murder and beastliness that are commonplace under President Islam Karimov's regime. Adding insult to injury, it was all disguised with trumped-up charges of drinking, womanising and other high jinks. The real reason, supposedly, was complaints by America, which counts Uzbekistan as its most dependable ally in the region.

Unsurprisingly, British officials say this is utter rubbish. Mr Murray is home for medical reasons (depression, it is whispered). Far from stifling him, the government endorses his criticisms. Indeed, his controversial speech accusing Mr Karimov's regime of boiling two opponents to death is there, in full, in the Foreign Office's latest human rights report. [..]

The truth? Somewhere in between, probably. People who know the story well say that Mr Murray was indeed under acute pressure to temper his criticisms of his hosts, particularly after a telegram to London in which he claimed that Uzbekistan's human rights abuses were just as bad as those of Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Cerchiamo di ricordarcelo fra vent'anni, quando i "liberatori" scopriranno le fosse comuni di Karimov.

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